Bridging the gap between researchers, practitioners and policymakers

Welcome to the home of applied ecology from the British Ecological Society publications.

Here you can find summaries of research published in Journal of Applied Ecology, Ecological Solutions and Evidence and information from Applied Ecology Resources, as well as topical contributions from the ecological researchers, practitioners and policymakers that make up our global community.

If you have an idea for a post, please get in touch. As well as written contributions, we’re keen to receive visual and multimedia posts. Alongside posts in English, we’re also happy to share translations in languages relevant to the audience of the research.

Who we are

Kristina Macdonald
Associate Editor for The Applied Ecologist

Kristina is a PhD student within the Centre of Integrated Ecology at Deakin University, Australia. Prior to her PhD, Kristina lived in New Zealand and worked as an ecologist in local government, providing ecological advice and leading community biodiversity initiatives. She has a keen interest in the management and conversation of wildlife, wildlife photography and science communication.

Minhyuk Seo
Assistant Editor for Ecological Solutions and Evidence and Applied Ecology Resources

Min helps develop and manage Applied Ecology Resources as an online resource and provide support to the Editorial Board of Ecological Solutions and Evidence during the editorial and peer review processes. Min also works with researchers and practitioners, helping to communicate their work through multiple channels including blog posts, podcasts, videos and social media.

Thomas Pinfield
Assistant Editor for Journal of Applied Ecology

Tom coordinates the Editorial Office of Journal of Applied Ecology, including the management of a timely and fair peer review process, providing support to the Journal Editors, and acting as the central point of contact for authors, reviewers, the Editorial Board and Publisher. Tom also coordinates the marketing, publicity and web-based activities for the journal.


The views expressed in posts on this blog are personal to the author and are not necessarily shared by any sponsors or owners of this blog, or any other person or entity involved in creating, producing or delivering it. No such party shall be held liable for any statements made or content posted.

Comments will be moderated before appearing on the blog. We welcome debate but ask that all comments are polite and relevant. We try to moderate comments within a 24-hour period in the working week.

Find out more about our publications

Journal of Applied Ecology publishes novel, high-impact papers on the interface between ecological science and the management of biological resources.

Ecological Solutions and Evidence: an open access journal publishing articles with direct relevance for the management of biological resources and ecological systems. Part of Applied Ecology Resources

Applied Ecology Resources: a new open platform from the British Ecological Society to make sharing and discovering knowledge on the management of environmental resources easier for everyone in the ecological community.

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