Top tips for Associate Editors

New to the Associate Editor role? Applying to join a British Ecological Society Editorial Board? We asked some of our ‘seasoned pros’ from the Journal of Applied Ecology Editorial Board to share their advice for anyone new to the position of Associate Editor.

Select and image below to expand and scroll through the editor advice.

If you’re interested in joining the journal board as an Associate Editor, you have until Friday 31 July to apply to our open call. Details here.

With thanks to all who contributed, including: Silke Bauer, Claudia Bieber, Johan du Toit, Matt Hayward, Jeremy James, Peter Manning, Ralph Mac Nally, Jeroen Minderman, Akira Mori, Tomas Pärt, Tadeu Siqueira, Phil Stephens, Des Thompson, Verena Trenkel and Ayesha Tulloch.

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