New Associate Editors: February 2022

We are delighted to welcome three new Associate Editors to the Journal of Applied Ecology editorial board: Sarah Faye Harpenslager, Francesca Pilotto and Fraser Januchowski-Hartly. Find out more about them and their research interests below:


Sarah Faye Harpenslager, B-Ware research centre, Netherlands.

Sarah Faye is a biogeochemist and aquatic ecologist. Her main research interests comprise the cycling of nutrients, the interaction between plants and their abiotic environment and the factors controlling emission or storage of greenhouse gasses. She has studied biogeochemical cycles in a wide range of aquatic ecosystems around the world. Furthermore, she is interested in the application of ecology to the management and restoration of aquatic systems. Website.


Francesca Pilotto, Umeå University, Sweden.

Francesca is a freshwater ecologist. She is interested in understanding how different human activities can have negative or positive effects on biodiversity, and what management measures can preserve or restore healthy biological communities. Her research mostly focuses on freshwater benthic invertebrates, and includes restoration ecology and the long-term analysis of broad-scale biodiversity change. Website.


Fraser Januchowski-Hartly, Swansea University, Wales, UK.

Fraser’s work aims to better our understanding of coral reef socio-ecological systems and their influence on environmental processes and related feedbacks. He is particularly interested in interactions between fishing, management and fish behaviour; monitoring reef recovery; and how changing health of coral reefs may influence their ability to protect shorelines. He also works on risk-taking behaviour in fishes, using the zebrafish as a model system, and has worked on coral reef resource management and conservation in the South Pacific, Indo-Pacific and East Africa. Website.

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