Shortlist announced for Georgina Mace Prize early career researcher award

Each year, Ecological Solutions and Evidence awards the Georgina Mace Prize to the best research article published by an early career author. Today, we present the shortlisted articles for this year’s award based on the previous volume (2nd) of the journal.

Having announced the name of ESE’s early career researcher prize in December 2021, this will be the first year we award the prize in honour of Professor Dame Georgina Mace.

The winner will be selected in the coming weeks and will be announced with the other early career prize winners across the BES journals.

This year’s shortlisted candidates are:

Forestry contributed to warming of forest ecosystems in northern Germany during the extreme summers of 2018 and 2019 –  Jeanette Blumröder

Evidence shortfalls in the recommendations and guidance underpinning ecological mitigation for infrastructure developments – Sara Hunter

Savanna woody plants responses to mammalian herbivory and implications for management of livestock-wildlife landscape – Staline Kibet

Artificial flood reduces fine sediment clogging, and enhances subsurface physicochemical conditions and hyporheic accessibility for macroinvertebrates – Kate Mathers

Bird community recovery following invasive tree removal – Benjamin O’Leary

Recovery of woody but not herbaceous native flora ten years post old-field restoration – Tina Parkhurst

Species data for understanding biodiversity dynamics: The What, Where and When of species occurrence data collection – Tanja Petersen

The ‘Pritchard Trap’: a novel quantitative survey method for crayfish – Eleri Pritchard

Characterizing the phylogenetic distribution of the pathogens of millet – Edward  Ssebuliba

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