Georgina Mace Prize 2022: Shortlist announced for early career researcher award

Each year, Ecological Solutions and Evidence awards the Georgina Mace Prize to the best research article published by an early career author. Today, we present the shortlisted articles for this year’s award based on the previous volume of the journal.

This is the third year we’ll be awarding the prize in honour of Professor Dame Georgina Mace, a pioneer in conservation science and policy who was a strong advocate for supporting early career ecologists. Georgina was also the first female president of the British Ecological Society.

The shortlisted candidates for the Georgina Mace Price were hand-picked by the journal’s Senior Editors who will also be undergoing a more rigorous process of selecting a winner from this list.

The winner will be announced along with the other early career prize winners across the BES journals at the end of April 2023.

This year’s shortlisted candidates are:

The Natural Capital approach: A framework for the successful recovery of nature in estuaries –  Lucy Dowdall

Living on the edge: Predicting invertebrate richness and rarity in disturbance-prone aquatic–terrestrial ecosystems – Kieran Gething

Prioritizing sites for terrestrial invasive alien plant management in urban ecosystems – Luke Potgieter

An operational land cover and land cover change toolbox: processing open-source data with open-source software – Naomi Gatis

Harnessing practitioner knowledge to inform the conservation of a protected species, the hazel dormouse Muscardinus avellanarius – Benjamin Philips

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