Issue 55:6

Here are some of the highlights from our last issue of 2018 and our last issue to be published in print. You can also read issue 55:6 online here. Disentangling natural vs anthropogenic influences on predation: reducing impacts on sensitive prey Our latest Editor’s Choice article Cover stories: Cheetah chase Take a look at this selection of images telling the story behind our latest cover … Continue reading Issue 55:6

Infographic: Impacts of underwater noise – a helping hand

In their new Practitioner’s Perspective, Guiding principles for assessing the impact of underwater noise, published today (16th May 2018), Faulkner et al. present practical solutions for mitigating the effects of underwater noise on marine wildlife. See their work presented as an infographic here. Underwater noise pollution poses a global threat to marine wildlife, from charismatic ocean giants like the blue whale to ecosystem cornerstones such as … Continue reading Infographic: Impacts of underwater noise – a helping hand