Cover stories: celebrating the beauty of pollinators

This month’s Journal of Applied Ecology cover shows a foraging male Habropoda tarsata. Photographer, David Kleijn shares the joy of rediscovering your passion for your study species. These days when we talk and write about pollinators, it is often in the context of their role as providers of pollination services. Pollinators are important for maintaining the production of the insect-pollinated crops that provide most of … Continue reading Cover stories: celebrating the beauty of pollinators

Cover stories: wildlife disease surveillance

The March 2019 cover image shows an ailing chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes schweinfurthii) monitored by Gombe Ecosystem Health researchers in Gombe National Park in the months before his death. Here we also see a female chimpanzee monitored by the Gombe Ecosystem Health Research team demonstrating signs of respiratory illness characterized by rhinorrhea. Photos by Kara Walker and Christopher Walker. The corresponding article, Optimizing syndromic health surveillance in free … Continue reading Cover stories: wildlife disease surveillance

Cover stories: Gouldian opportunity

This month’s cover species, The Gouldian Finch (Erythrura gouldiae) is a threatened Australian granivorous bird and one of 637 Kimberley wildlife species allocated cost‐effective management priorities using the Priority Threat Management process. Here the photographer, Bruce Doran shares more images from his surprise encounter with this hard-to-spot bird. The photograph of the Gouldian Finches was the result of an incidental observation in the Victoria River … Continue reading Cover stories: Gouldian opportunity