INTECOL 2017 – One week in China: Insights from Marc Cadotte

Shared from Marc and Journal of Ecology: The blog, Journal of Applied Ecology’s Senior Editor, Marc Cadotte shares this report from INTECOL 2017.

Journal of Ecology Blog

As advertised in a previous blog post, the international conference of ecology INTECOL 2017 was held last week in Beijing, China. This year’s conference theme was Ecology and Civilization in a Changing World. Marc Cadotte, Senior Editor of Journal of Applied Ecologyattended the conference and wrote a nice blog post for the EEB and Flow blog, in which he shares his views and thoughts about INTECOL 2017. The original post can be found here but Marc kindly agreed to repost it below on the Journal of Ecology blog.

The International Association for Ecology holds their global INTECOL conference every 4 years, and it was recently held in Beijing, China. Given the location of this meeting, the theme was exceptionally appropriate: Ecology and Civilisation in a Changing World. I say that it was appropriate because no place embodies change more than China’s recent history, and I would argue…

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