Issue 55:4

From stressed trees in cities to the recovery of coral in the deep ocean, here are some highlights from our latest issue:

55_4 imageApplying ecology to inform plant disease management policy and avoid regulator-grower conflict
Our Editor’s Choice for this issue

How could the EU’s LIFE funds enhance conservation in Natura 2000?
Prioritisation exercises to better-distribute funds in the EU

Warming, insect pests and water stress combine to reduce tree growth in the city
As cities get warmer, not only can tress suffer from lack of water itself, but the stress can make them more vulnerable to pests too

How to manage city trees in a changing climate?
An Associate Editor’s perspective on thirsty trees in warming cities

Ecological traps for large-scale invasive species control
Predicting recolonisation areas favoured by American mink

Modelling the long-term recovery of deep-sea corals following a spill: optimising monitoring and management strategies
Diving into deep-sea coral recovery following the Deepwater Horizon oil spill

Tributaries may reset the legacy of dams in large rivers
How can pulsed flows increase trophic diversity?

Fertilising with nutrient residues: a short-sighted solution for semi-natural grassland productivity?
A Commentary on fertilising semi-natural grasslands – what we need to consider

Wind farms affect small birds too
On the threshold needed between wind farms and small-sized birds

Stress on the ski slope: individual capercaillies show different coping styles
Initially shared for Endangered Species Day, a look at human-induced stress and what it means for vulnerable populations

Optimizing the positioning of wildlife crossing structures for African elephants in Northern Kenya
Wildlife crossing structures are considered critical for animal movement, but how do you choose where best to build them?

Where should we build wildlife crossings?
An Associate Editor’s perspective on tools for choosing where to build wildlife crossing structures

Read issue 55:4 of Journal of Applied Ecology here.

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