Meet the Editor: Romina Rader

We are excited to welcome Romina Rader to the Journal of Applied Ecology Senior Editor team. Get to know the newest person behind the decision letters in this ‘Meet the Editor’ conversation.

rraderWhat can you tell us about the first paper you published?

My first paper published was about a method to tag crabs in order to follow individuals and find out how they are using different habitats within mangrove trees. I remember trying super hard to create hundreds of different symbols to ensure each individual tag was unique. I also recall my fingers cemented to crabs when we were trialling different substances to fasten the tags!

What’s your favourite species and why?

This is a hard one as I have so many. I think one of my favourites is the very delicate, metallic green, long-legged flies in the family Dolichopodidae. I think they are one of the prettiest flies around.

Who inspired you most as a student?

As a high school student, two of my science teachers inspired me to do science: Joe Merlino was the biology teacher and Mrs. Deck (can’t recall her first name!) taught chemistry.

If you could wake up tomorrow with a new skill, what would it be?

Being an artist that paints landscapes. Paintings of different types of landscapes are very appealing and comforting to me. While I’m very good at appreciating and acquiring them, I would love to be skilled at painting them myself one day.

When it comes to places to travel to, Romina’s a fan of  Solitary Islands Marine Park for stunning beaches and wildlife you can see there

Are you a good cook? What’s your signature dish?

I absolutely love cooking. I find it very therapeutic but not sure if that makes me good or not! I love making my own pizza bases and I’m now trialling new breads …

Please share a story about a paper you had rejected

I was just about to give birth to my second child and I was coordinating a multi-authored paper (with over 50 co-authors) and pressed submit just before the baby popped. It felt a bit rushed and frantic at the time as I felt very scatterbrained with all the hormones … but it was actually the very first paper I have had accepted with only minor revisions!

What’s your favourite sports team and why?

I’m not really a big sports fan but my family are big supporters of the All Blacks. The best part of the game for me is watching the haka!

If you could recommend one place for people to travel to on holiday, where would it be and why?

In Australia I would recommend visiting the Mid-North Coast of New South Wales coast around the Solitary Islands Marine Park, just off Coffs Harbour. The beaches and wildlife are pretty special and the subtropical climate is perfect.

What was the first album you owned?

Well, I’m with Phil on this one – when I was a teenager we mostly bought singles! I recall one of the first I loved was from The Beach Boys and the first album I owned was probably Crowded House.

How many British Ecological Society Annual Meetings have you attended? Which one was the best?

None yet! I will be attending #BES2019 in Belfast this year.

Romina is a Senior Lecturer in Community Ecology at University of New England, Australia.  Her main area of expertise is in crop pollination by wild and managed insects. Having completed the Journal of Applied Ecology Mentoring Opportunity a few years ago, Romina has also been an Associate Editor and now joins the Senior Editor team with the journal. Follow her on Twitter: @rominatwi.

Meet the rest of the Senior Editor team:

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