Shortlist announced for Southwood Prize early career researcher award

Each year Journal of Applied Ecology awards the Southwood Prize to the best paper in the journal by an author at the start of their career. Today we present the shortlisted papers for this year’s award, based on the previous (58th) volume of the journal.

The winner will be selected in the coming weeks, so watch this space for future announcements.

This year’s shortlisted candidates are:

Reduced crop density increases floral resources to pollinators without affecting crop yield in organic and conventional fields – William Sidemo-Holm

Plant diversity ameliorates the evolutionary development of fungicide resistance in an agricultural ecosystem – Li-Na Yang

A decision support tool to prioritize ballast water compliance monitoring by ranking risk of non-indigenous species establishment – Johanna N. Bradie

Multi-species restoration accelerates recovery of extinguished oyster reefs – Dominic McAfee

Barrier Behaviour Analysis (BaBA) reveals extensive effects of fencing on wide-ranging ungulates – Wenjing Xu

Amphibian resistance to chytridiomycosis increases following low-virulence chytrid fungal infection or drug-mediated clearance – Anthony W. Waddle

Livestock grazing promotes ecosystem multifunctionality of a coastal salt marsh – Pei Zhang

Conservation in post-industrial cities: How does vacant land management and landscape configuration influence urban bees? – Katherine J. Turo

Public health and economic benefits of spotted hyenas Crocuta crocuta in a peri-urban system – Chinmay Sonawane

A predictive model for improving placement of wind turbines to minimise collision risk potential for a large soaring raptor – Megan Murgatroyd

Use of avian GPS tracking to mitigate human fatalities from bird strikes caused by large soaring birds – Eneko Arrondo

Tropical riparian forests in danger from large savanna wildfires – Bernardo M. Flores

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