Call for proposals: Innovation in Practice

The British Ecological Society journals Ecological Solutions and Evidence and Methods in Ecology and Evolution are seeking proposals for its new cross-journal Special Feature: “Innovation in Practice“.

Applied ecological management relies in part on the application of technology to help mitigate anthropogenic impacts and facilitate the recovery of populations and ecosystems. In the past few decades, new and advanced technology has been applied to solve conservation and ecosystem management problems on ever increasing scales and scopes. However there remains a gap between implementation of those technologies and their dissemination.

Given the increasingly technical nature of applied ecological and conservation management, we believe that there is a large appetite amongst practitioners to learn about emerging technological advances and to understand how they can be applied to their specific applied problems and local contexts.

This joint special feature with Ecological Solutions and Evidence and Methods in Ecology and Evolution will not only highlight the application of new technologies to help with pernicious applied problems, but also reflect on the promise and potential pitfalls of new emerging technologies.

Examples of types of contributions may include (but certainly not limited to):

  • Innovative use of smartphones to collect data (e.g., LIDAR forest mapping, tracking the use of urban greenspace)

  • Development and deployment of new AI algorithms for identifying species from images (e.g., mapping invasive species from Google Street View images)

  • Identifying biases in data and methods for overcoming them (e.g. digitized museum-collection data)

Deadline for submission: Sunday 12 March 2023

Visit the Special Feature page to discover more examples to help guide your proposal as well as instructions for submission.

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