Wolves prefer running in straight lines

In this post, Associate Editor Johan du Toit discusses a recent paper ‘Faster and farther: wolf movement on linear features and implications for hunting behaviour’ by Melanie Dickie, Robert Serrouya, Scott McNay and Stan Boutin. Humans make lines on the landscape When flying over any landscape, what strikes the eye as the most distinctive evidence of human activity on the ground is linear features in … Continue reading Wolves prefer running in straight lines

People, predators and perceptions

This guest post was written by Kulbhushansingh Suryawanshi, who was awarded the 2013 Southwood Prize for his paper People, predators and perceptions: patterns of livestock depredation by snow leopards and wolves published with Yash Veer Bhatnagar, Stephen Redpath and Charudutt Mishra. Carnivores and pastoralist make very uneasy neighbours! Carnivores affect the livelihood of the pastoralist by preying on the livestock, and pastoralists kill the carnivores … Continue reading People, predators and perceptions