Issue 55:5

Read the highlights from our September issue.

55_5 imageValue of information: when to learn and when to manage in conservation
This issue’s Editor’s Choice article

Better many small than a few large: how landscape configuration affects arthropod communities in rice
Can splitting agricultural ecosystems help reduce yield losses for rice farmers?

Mejor muchos pequeños que pocos grandes: sobre como la configuración del paisaje afecta las comunidades de artrópodos en agro-ecosistemas de arroz
Spanish translation

Crop functional traits can help to predict the effects of organic farming on soil carbon sequestration
Functional traits of crop residues and their connection to soil carbon storage

First steps towards active fire management on the Brazilian Cerrado
Policy Direction with Portuguese translation

A win-win for wine
Inter-row vegetation in vineyards can help tackle soil erosion without sacrificing the quality of grapes

Using science to inform policy during adverse weather conditions
The effect of cold weather on the Eurasian woodcock

Crop rotations called into question
Why it’s time to rethink the way we approach this agricultural practice

Ostrom’s framework: where people and nature meet
Presenting a framework to evaluate the sustainability of different social-ecological systems

Integrating fire management policies within conservation planning: ‘win-win’ solutions for bird conservation and wildfire prevention
Conservation planning objectives to meet multiple demands

La integración de las políticas de gestión de incendios forestales en la planificación de la conservación puede proporcionar soluciones beneficiosas tanto para la conservación de las aves como la prevención de incendios
Spanish translation

Demographic response to patch destruction in an endangered amphibian
Is rehabilitation always a good thing?

Identifying lurking garden invaders promoted by climate change
Assessing the naturalization risk of ornamental plants

Predicting future invaders in Europe
An Associate Editor’s take on the above article

Prevendo as próximas espécies invasoras
Portuguese translation

Read these articles and more in issue 55:5 of Journal of Applied Ecology.



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