Tanja Petersen: Uncovering biases in Citizen Science data

Photo © Andreas Frisch In this Q&A, we ask author Tanja Petersen about her team’s research on the GBIF database, and find out a little bit more about the author herself. This article is part of the BES cross-journal special feature on Citizen Science. The research What’s your article about? The article is about skews and biases in GBIF data. Specifically, how the origin of … Continue reading Tanja Petersen: Uncovering biases in Citizen Science data

Balance for Better: DiversifyEEB

To celebrate the 2019 theme for International Women’s Day, #BalanceforBetter, we invited our Editorial Board to nominate and discuss the initiatives they feel support gender balance in science and academia. Kicking things off, several of our editors drew our attention to the directory, DiversifyEEB, which aims to highlight ‘ecologists and evolutionary biologists who are women and/or underrepresented minorities’. Journal Associate Editor, Cate McInnis-Ng and Senior … Continue reading Balance for Better: DiversifyEEB